OK, I have to admit that I'm terrible at updating this section.  I'm generally too busy promoting and shipping my beloved Maine scallops to write about my recent appointment to the New England Fishery Management Council or highlight fun shout-outs from Eating Well Magazine or cool chefs like Hank Shaw.  So the best way to keep up with fun Downeast Dayboat and Maine scallop facts is to join my mailing list and check my Facebook Page periodically. But in the meantime, here are some older articles from back when I actually updated this section... Maine Women Magazine piece on my mission View Article
Downeast Magazine piece on Downeast Dayboat

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Portland Press Herald article: "Maine’s scallop fishery rebounding, but there’s a catch". View Article
Portland Press Herald article encouraging people to enjoy Maine scallops while they can during our brief winter season View Article
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Brooklyn's Heritage Radio Network puts out some great stuff. Pay no attention to the photograph (hey, at least they posted a fishing boat). Listen to the interview
Portland Press Herald article on Maine scallops and why you should be eating them all through the winter. View Article
Bangor Daily News video interview: Listen to Interview
Here's an article on the visit I arranged while still a fisheries manager, in which the director of fisheries and a major scallop processor from the Isle of Man came to Maine to share their experiences: View Article
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