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Barton Seaver and I are on a similar mission: we want to make it easier for you to eat MORE and BETTER seafood.  And this book will make it easier for you to do so, by giving you fascinating background on fisheries around the country.  You’ll learn their history, their culture and how they helped shape who and where we are today.  Whether you’re a fisherman, a cook or a history buff, you’ll love this book.

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Barton will personally sign each copy offered through this site.

And be sure to buy Barton’s other books – his simple but sometimes surprising recipes help all of us eat better seafood more regularly.

Barton is one of the world’s top experts on seafood and seafood sustainability. He lives with his family and a flock of heritage chickens in Freeport Maine.  You can read a lot more about Barton’s fantastic credentials here

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