American Unagi – smoked Maine eel fillets


Delicious, rich, sustainable and 100% Maine smoked eel!  Four ounce packages ship frozen but defrost at least partially in transit.  So, so tasty.  Seriously: these are really good. You can eat it right out of the package, but try frying it and using as you would bacon.  It won’t be crispy, but it will be smoky, salty, rich and delicious.

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The ingredients here are simple: eel and wood smoke – you can finish it any way you like.  This unagi has been described by some people as “kielbasa-like”.  It’s smoky and can be used in applications in which you might use bacon. Why not try an ELT?

Previously I’d offered whole smoked eels, which were a bit intimidating.  Even I was a bit taken aback by them, and that’s saying something given how adventurous I am when it comes to food. Now I’m offering frozen, which are more user-friendly.

By the way, have you heard of how most Maine eels make it to your plate?  They’re caught as babies in the spring in Maine rivers, shipped to Asia where they’re grown to full size, then smoked and seasoned and shipped back to the states.  Does that sound very efficient to you?

Well, Sara Rademaker didn’t think so either, so she started American Unagi. She sources her eels exclusively from the Maine fishery and raises them in land-based aquaculture systems along the coast of Maine.  She feeds them a high-quality diet without hormones or antibiotics. The result is a delicious, safe, sustainable eel. These smoked eels will come smoked in four ounce vacuum sealed packages. It ships frozen but will likely be defrosted by the time it reaches your door, and you’ll need to finish defrosting it (no re-freezing). You must puncture the package to defrost.

Want some recipes? Check out Sara’s site here.  The photo below is also from her site.