Farm raised Maine scallops – one pound

UPDATE: I’M SOLD OUT!  I will be shipping fresh scallops again beginning in December and I MAY offer another shipment of farm raised scallops prior to that. Be sure to join my mailing list so you’ll be among the first to know if I do that.

One pound of uber rare farm-raised scallops from the waters off Bucks Harbor, Maine. These are on the large side for farmed scallops – we anticipate them being about a 20-count (20 to a pound).  They’re sweet and creamy with a pure scallop flavor (very little brine). And bonus: if things go according to plan they’ll be shipped within hours of harvest (if Mother Nature or engine trouble interfere with the plan, they’ll be shipped within 24 hours of harvest like my usual shipments).

Check out Andrew and Samantha’s business website at




Note: Farm raised scallops for 9/3 delivery are sold out: try for 9/17 and check back: I may be adding additional delivery dates in early October 🙂
I’m excited to offer two (and maybe more) shipments of line-grown scallops grown by Andrew and Samantha Peters off Buck’s Harbor, Maine (seen here working their lines). Check out their website for photos and information about their business, Vertical Bay Maine.

This varietal is creamy and sweet with very little brininess.  They’re quite different from Nate Perry’s scallops from the waters off Cape Elizabeth. They should run approximately 20 scallops to a pound.

From the closing of the Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Fishery to the opening of Maine’s state water fishery there’s only one way to get fresh Maine scallops: you have to buy them from sea farmers.  Maine growers have been trying to get this industry going for almost 20 years and it’s finally taking hold.  Right now I’m only offering scallop meats, but next season I expect to offer small whole scallops and keep your fingers crossed: in the spring of 2023 I hope to offer roe-on scallops.

Please note these scallops will be adductor-muscle only, just like the ones I ordinarily offer. The only difference (besides the creamy, sweet merroir unique to the Bucks Harbor area) is that these were grown on lines rather than wild-harvested from the bottom. They freeze very well but you likely won’t have enough left over to freeze – they’re super tasty.  Yes, they’re expensive, but remember: these scallops, like all my scallops, are 100% pure scallop.  No added water or other chemicals.  They’re pricier than my regular scallops because of how labor-intensive the growing practice is.  But they’re SO GOOD!

Because these are so rare I’m only allowing five one pound bags per order.  If you want to combine orders with friends or family and need to order more than that, please get in touch with me and I’ll try to make it happen.  Also please note that I’m offering frozen scallops harvested from the Northern Gulf of Maine scallop fishery right now, so you should consider buying some of each to taste the different varietals.

You will need to select which option you want (which shipping week) here, and then again at checkout.  Sorry for the extra step – it’s the only way to make this work.  Andrew will be harvesting early Thursday morning just prior to shipment and he can’t reasonably harvest more than 50 pounds at a time, plus I have to limit boxes to meet the Fed Ex deadline.

Farmed scallops help the environment (they filter water) but did you know they can also benefit the commercial fishery?  Keeping adults in close proximity leads to greater reproductive success: farmed scallops produce spat that’s distributed by Maine’s strong tides and currents to potentially make new scallop beds in other areas along the coast. Those beds can be harvested by the commercial fishery once they reach legal size.  So farming scallops is truly a win-win.

Scallops will come in one-pound increments in either one pint containers or Ziplock freezer bags. 



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