Farm raised Maine scallops


Uber rare farm-raised scallops from the waters off Cape Elizabeth.  Size will vary from roughly 15 to a pound to 30 to a pound: size varies based on a number of conditions and we won’t know until we open them.

I have to arrange harvest and shucking with Nate so these are ONLY available for shipment the week of July 1.


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These scallops are grown by Nate Perry of Kettle Cove Scallops.  Last year I offered some from Nate and one other grower but the flavor of Nate’s was off the charts so I’m sticking with his this year.  The size will vary from nickel-sized to half-dollar sized, but the flavor will be consistently superb. Grown off the shore of Cape Elizabeth (my hometown as well as Nate’s), the flavor is very mild, slightly briny and totally delicious.

From the closing of the Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Fishery to the opening of Maine’s state water fishery there’s only one way to get Maine scallops: you have to buy them from aquaculturists.  Maine growers have been trying to get this industry going for almost 20 years and it’s finally taking hold.

Scallops will come in in Ziplock freezer bags, but you likely won’t have enough left over to freeze once you try them.  Speaking of quantity, because these are so rare I’m only allowing four pounds per order.  If you want to combine orders with friends or family and need to order more than 4 pounds, please get in touch with me and I’ll try to make it happen.

Some day soon I plan to offer whole scallops or roe-on, but please note these scallops will be adductor-muscle only, just like the ones you ordinarily buy from me. The only difference is these were grown rather than wild-harvested.

By the way, these scallops are delicious but they’re also great for the environment and great for the wild harvest fishery: these scallops put out spat that yields more scallops for the commercial fishery.  Plus they filter the water.  They’re all around awesomeness.



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