Grindstone Neck Smoke Roasted Salmon


My absolute favorite smoked salmon – so much better than cold smoked in my opinion.  I particularly love the kebabs because there’s no skin to interfere with smoke penetration so you get even more smokiness!  Try it on a bagel, eat it like the most luxurious lollypop ever, or add it to recipes.


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This is my favorite smoked salmon.  It’s got a lot of up front smoke but it’s also got a tangy sweetness to it and I love the creamy texture. It’s an amazing breakfast on a toasted English Muffin with mayo or cream cheese.  It’s also great on a salad and to be honest I’ll often just eat it right out of the package.  It’s hot smoked so the texture is not like the cold-smoked salmon you may be used to.  It’s more like a regular cooked salmon, but it’s got so much more flavor and because of the high fat content of farm-raised Atlantic salmon it’s got a nice creaminess to it.

My friend and packing assistant Colby says the smokiness at first reminds him of summer sausage, but the texture was creamy and delicious. He raves about it and I think you will too.

This smoked salmon is available skin-on in a 5 to 6 ounce package, or in my favorite application: a 7-ounce package with two kebabs: think of the most luxurious lolly pop you’ve ever tasted.  I like the kebabs because they’re so easy to eat, and because there’s no skin there’s more surface area to absorb the smoke flavor.  This farm-raised Atlantic salmon is smoked by Grindstone Neck of Maine, based in Winter Harbor.  Winter Harbor is on the Schoodic Peninsula, which is just northeast of Mt. Desert.

If you have concerns about the sustainability of farm raised salmon feel free to get in touch to discuss.  As a fisheries manager I’m OK with this option, especially knowing where it’s grown.  Also FYI the kebabs are more expensive only because they require a larger box (they’re too long to fit in normal boxes).