Maine Lobster Roll Kit

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The essential parts of a perfect Maine lobster roll: one pound Maine lobster meat, one stick of Kate’s sea salted butter and a pack of New England split top rolls.  Add on something sweet to complete the meal (or gift).  And if it is a gift, just let me know what you’d like on a hand-written note.

By the way, I’m currently shipping frozen meat because it’s so hard to get consistently top-quality fresh meat at a reasonable price right now.  The meat will at least partially defrost in transit.

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The best lobster roll is a simple lobster roll: pan fry a New England split-top bun with salted butter, squeeze in a thick ribbon of Hellman’s (or other good-quality) mayonnaise, add a quarter pound of lobster meat (and a lettuce leaf, if desired), sprinkle with a little sea salt and drizzle with melted butter. You can add other items like celery or onion, but why gild the lily?  The only thing I’ll occasionally add is a spritz of fresh lemon juice and MAYBE some celery salt, but that depends on my mood.

This kit comes with two half-pound packs of Maine lobster meat from Community Shellfish, a package of New England Split top buns (6  package – you’ll have some left over) and one stick of Kate’s All natural butter.  All you need on your end is the lettuce, salt and mayonnaise.

Please note the lobster meat will be shipped frozen and will at least partially thaw in transit.  The price of lobster is off the charts right now, and frozen is my only option that’s consistently great quality.

Add in blueberry pie cookies for dessert (sold separately – see the treats section) and you’ve got yourself a red, white and blue feast!

Use the leftover rolls for delicious sandwiches of your choice. If you want me to get you a squeeze jar of Hellman’s let me know 🙂




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  1. Jennifer McDermott

    I second everything in the description. From the prep recommendations to the pie cookie for dessert. (Add the Hellman’s if you don’t have any at home. It completes the experience.)

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