Sustainable Packaging



I love what I do.  There’s really only one part of my business (other than invoicing) that bothers me: I HATE using styrofoam.  Until recently there were no effective reasonably-priced alternatives.  But now there is: I’m now able to ship with ClimaCell thermal inserts made with renewable plant-based materials.  They’re more expensive themselves and they’re also a little bulkier so they’re more expensive to ship, but I love having the option.

If you select this your seafood will be packed in a corrugated cardboard box lined with a removable ClimaCell liner.  You can reuse the container but the insert does not hold up to liquids so it’s not something you should plan on using again and again – eventually it will start to disintegrate, but of course that’s the whole point!

Eventually I want to ship everything in these boxes, but right now they only come in three sizes so you really need to order at least 6 pounds of seafood to make it worthwhile.   Please do NOT select this item if you’re ordering less than 6 pounds of seafood – the additional materials I’ll need to fill the box and the extra space taken up in transit will negate the benefits of the recyclable box.

Let’s hope these boxes catch on so they make more sizes and I can ship ALL my seafood in them.  But for now, it’s a start, and I’m so happy to be able to offer it.

If you’re trying to figure out the weight, please note a dozen Cora Cressey oysters will weigh a little over a pound and a dozen Johns River oysters will weigh about 3 pounds.