New England Split Top Buns and butter

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Turn your crabmeat, lobster meat, scallops or fish into the quintessential New England Roll. This kit comes with a package of (6) split top buns and a stick of Kate’s Maine made butter so you can create your very own seafood rolls.



You’ve probably tried a lobster roll, but have you tried a crabmeat roll?  How about my favorite: a scallop roll?  There are countless variations, but they all start with pan-frying a New England Split Top bun in butter.  Then you can:

  • squeeze in a healthy ribbon of mayonnaise, sprinkle in chopped crispy bacon, add  seared scallops and a few leaves of lettuce and diced tomato.
  • add a romaine or green leaf lettuce leaf to the bun, then a mix of crabmeat, lemon pepper salt and mayonnaise.  Top with diced tomato if you wish.
  • Squeeze in mayonnaise mixed with a little Frank’s Red Hot, then top with fried or seared scallops or fish and a lettuce leaf.
  • Add lobster, mayonnaise, butter and lemon pepper salt.

There are countless variations but they all start with a buttery pan fried New England Split Top bun.  So this kit includes a package of 6 New England Split Top Buns and a stick of Kate’s Butter.  The cost is reflective of the fact that I have to use a larger box to keep the buns from getting squished, and I get charged shipping based on dimensions.

1 review for New England Split Top Buns and butter

  1. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    This is a great idea. Follow the instructions, use all the ingredients, and you will have a restaurant-ready roll. Doesn’t matter what seafood you put in it – it’ll be good.

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