Smoked Mussels

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I’m running a special on these mussels because they’re super delicious and I want more people to become as “hooked” as I am!

Six ounces of delicious mussels smoked by Grindstone Neck Smokehouse in Winter Harbor, Maine.

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These mussels are smoked by Grindstone Neck Smokehouse in Winter Harbor Maine and they’re absolutely delicious. I love pretty much all smoked seafood but these mussels are particularly good.  In fact, I’m running a special on them because I want more people to be as hooked as I am!

These come in a 6 ounce vacuum sealed pack.  Be sure to store in the refrigerator and consume within one week of opening.

I love to eat them straight out of the bag but they’re also great on pasta, on crackers with cream cheese or as part of an antipasto spread.  Spritz with lemon, maybe add a little salt (perhaps smoked Maine sea salt) and you’re golden.

1 review for Smoked Mussels

  1. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    Smoky, delicious straight out of the bag, more solid to the touch than I expected, and EASY! These made for a fabulous (and… easy) pasta dish – just a little penne and cream sauce; the mussels supplied all the flavor. I’d highly recommend!

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