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Fresh Maine Dayboat Scallops + Lobster Roll Bundle

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2 one-pound packs of FRESH Maine Dayboat Scallops

2 eight ounce packs of frozen Maine lobster meat

6 New England split top rolls

1 stick of Kate's Maine Made Sea Salted Butter + roll assembly instructions

Free shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Togue's Tips:

Bundle and save!  This kit will set you up for several fabulous meals: 4 delicious lobster rolls, 2 scallop rolls, plus plenty of scallops for 2-4 additional meals depending on your appetite and application.

See the descriptions for Maine Dayboat Scallops (best in the world!) and Maine Lobster Roll Kit for more information. It's a great opportunity to try our two most popular items at a substantial discount.

Makes a super gift: give the best of Maine!

Note: Product will be shipped with gel packs; lobster may partially defrost in transit: lobster should be fully thawed according to package instructions and should not be refrozen. Scallops will be shipped FRESH and should be consumed within 7 days of harvest date (5 days of receipt) or frozen for long term storage. 

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