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Smoke Roasted Atlantic Salmon, 6 oz - Grindstone Neck

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One vacuum sealed package of smoke roasted salmon, 5-6 ounces

Togue's Tips:

This is Togue's favorite smoked salmon.  It's got a lot of up front smoke but it's also got a tangy sweetness to it and we love the creamy texture. It's an amazing breakfast on a toasted bagel or English Muffin with mayo or cream cheese.  It's also great on a salad and we often just eat it right out of the package.  It's hot smoked so the texture is not like the cold-smoked salmon you may be used to.  It's more like a regular cooked salmon, but it's got so much more flavor and because of the high fat content of farm-raised Atlantic salmon it's got a nice creaminess to it.  It will keep for more than a week in the fridge. 
This farm-raised Atlantic salmon is smoked by Grindstone Neck of Maine, based in Winter Harbor.  Winter Harbor is on the Schoodic Peninsula, which is just northeast of Mt. Desert. This smoked salmon comes in a 5 to 6 ounce vac sealed package.  Store according to package instructions.