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Live Maine Scallops, 1 dzn - Penobscot Bay

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1 mesh bag containing 12 LIVE Maine Scallops

Serving Size:

Varies: can be up to 12 as appetizer depending on preparation. Plan to eat these on the day of arrival.

Togue’s Tips:

Farmed in Penobscot Bay, Maine, these scallops are shipped LIVE within hours of harvest and should be refrigerated upon receipt. For best results eat within 24 hours. You must open the shell and remove the black digestive gland before consuming - here's a video showing how and for steps, read here. Since this is a new product to many, here are some serving suggestions:  grill with Boursin or compound butter, steam and cook with garlic butter over pasta, broil with a miso/tamari/mirin sauce, use in a cioppino or bouillabaisse, or eat them raw (like an oyster). Most Americans don't realize the small white disc-shaped adductor muscle is just one part of a much larger animal. Certain cultures prize the creamy, briny bright red (female) or cream-colored (male) coral. Downeast Dayboat is proud to offer the entire animal. Preparation takes a bit of work, but they're a fun, unique and tasty treat 

Check out Melissa Clark's article on farmed scallops here

As you can see from the video, these scallops involve a bit of work, but they're a lot of fun and they're super tasty.  If you're preparing them whole with a sauce, I would plan on at least four per person if it's a main dish.

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