Maine Crisps

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These boxes are labeled with the message "Handcrafted in the heart of Maine" with good reason: they're made with 100% naturally gluten-free tartary buckwheat grown in Aroostook County, aka "the crown of Maine".  Both flavors are super crispy but also hold up well to toppings - they won't fall apart on you.  Honestly the first time I tried one I was wowed. They have just a touch of sweetness.  I LOVE them with cheese.

I love to hold the cranberry crisps up to a light so it can shine through, turning the slices of cranberry into tasty ruby jewels.  

Each box contains four ounces of crackers.  They're more "substantive" than average crackers though so you'll likely find a few go a long way.  Although I have to admit I can eat a box in one sitting with a glass of wine :)