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Frozen Maine Dayboat Scallops Variety Pack

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Three one pound packages of FROZEN Maine Dayboat Scallops

One ounce chili sauce in soybean oil

1/8 cup crispy fried shallots


Thai-inspired scallop crudo (which will also require fresh cilantro and lime). The texture, depth of flavor and brine level will vary by location.  Maine's cold, clear waters produce some amazing flavor varietals and I hope you'll have fun picking your favorite.  Throw a scallop tasting party! 

These scallops are boat-run, which means the size will vary according to fishing location.  They generally run 15 to 20 to a pound though.

Each pack will be labeled with the harvest location in addition to the name of the fisherman, the name of his boat and the harvest date.  

This variety pack makes a great gift - it's a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to what they've been missing all these years.  THIS is what scallops should taste like.  

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