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Maine Gold™ Mussels

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One three-pound bag of Maine Gold™ mussels.  Plan on 1.5 pounds per person as a main dish.  Although you may want to eat a whole bag yourself....


About the Taste

These mussels have been developed over the past decade by sea farmer Evan Young and the folks at the Downeast Institute by crossing various wild strains to produce a uniquely colored, meaty, delicious mussel. They're grown 100% from hatchery seed, meaning Evan has complete control over his line-grown crop.  They grow quickly in the cool, nutrient-dense waters of Frenchman Bay and have a high meat content relative to shell.  They'll also be harvested just prior to shipment so you will absolutely notice how plump and juicy they are.

 Why you'll love them

Because they're amazing.  And they're beautiful. And you can't get them anywhere else. 

Please note:

Shipments containing mussels cannot contain dry ice, so if you order frozen seafood along with your live mussels, it will arrive at least partially thawed.


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