Pesto Sauce (Basil or Sun Dried Tomato and Olive)

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These pesto sauces come from Terra Cotta Pasta Company in South Portland Maine.  They are some of the best fresh pasta sauces I've ever had, and they both go really well with seafood, with or without the pasta.

An easy way to finish off seared scallops is to just take a little of either sauce out of the fridge to warm to room temp.  When scallops are seared to your liking, plate them and spoon a small amount of sauce over each scallop.  It'll look amazing and taste even better.

And of course, you can also mix these sauces in pasta and top with seared scallops.  Bam!  A perfect dinner.

Each container is seven ounces: enough to generously coat a pound of pasta or top several pounds of scallops.  They contain no preservatives and will ship frozen but may partially defrost in transit.  The pestos will last well over a week in the fridge or you can pop it in the freezer for longer term storage.