Scallop crudo kit

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Why you'll love it

Because it's magically delicious: every year the Maine Fishermen's Forum organizes a huge seafood reception, and Togue's scallop crudo table is the hit of the party. Even folks who think they don't like raw seafood rave about it.

This kit comes with one pound of frozen scallops (Stellwagen varietal), 4 ounces of chili paste (gluten free, contains soy), approximately 1/2 cup of crispy fried shallots (gluten free, contains soy) and one lime, plus a recipe card explaining how to assemble this amazing dish.   All you'll need to add cilantro.

About the taste:

This is truly something where the product is more than the sum of its parts. The chili paste is a little sweet, a little hot, and packed with umami. The crispy fried shallots add a lovely crunch and flavor, and the Stellwagen scallops are perfect served raw: they're creamy, mild and sweet.  The lime and cilantro really round out the experience by adding acid and a bit of floral greenness.

To assemble, slice each scallop into three or four discs (depending on size). Arrange on a plate or a scallop shell, add a bit of chili paste* spritz with lime juice, top with shallots and cilantro and serve cold.

Thank you to Kelly and Kirk for submitting these great photos of their assembled Thai scallop crudo.

* you can also put the paste in a sandwich bag, nip off the end and squeeze it like you would a pastry bag.