Scallop Variety Pack (Scallop Flight)

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About the Taste

Did you know scallops have different tastes and textures, just like oysters do? You've heard of "terroir" in wine.  In seafood these place-based differences are referred to as "merroir".  Maine's cold, clear waters produce amazing varietals.  Last year a number of people specifically requested scallops from Frenchman Bay.  That area is closed this year, but several new areas are open.

This collection will contain three eight-ounce containers of scallops, each from a different area.  It will also include a small container of chili paste in soybean oil, crunchy roasted shallots and a recipe card for Thai-inspired scallop crudo (which will also require fresh cilantro and lime). The texture, depth of flavor and brine level will vary by location.  Maine's cold, clear waters produce some amazing flavor varietals and I hope you'll have fun picking your favorite.  Throw a scallop tasting party!  Check out the lovely photo of such a party thrown by my great customer Kirk Flatow.

The Source

Downeast Dayboat scallops are amazing for two reasons: one is that they come from Maine's cold, clear inshore waters.  The second reason is how they're handled. They never touch fresh water and they're shipped to you quickly, always within 48 hours of harvest (usually within 24). 

These scallops are boat-run, which means the size will vary according to fishing location.  They generally run 15 to 20 to a pound though, so you'll likely get 5 to 7 per 8-ounce container.

Each pack will be labeled with the harvest location in addition to the name of the fisherman, the name of his boat and the harvest date.  

Why you'll love them

This variety pack makes a great gift - it's a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to what they've been missing all these years.  THIS is what scallops should taste like.  

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