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Bonito seaweed sprinkle

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One 1.7 oz glass jar of bonito seaweed sprinkles

Togue's Tips:

This tasty seasoning is modeled on the Japanese rice seasoning furikake (which means "sprinkle over").  Bonito Seaweed Sprinkle is made with Maine seaweed and is loaded with savory bits of dried tuna flakes.  This all-natural seaweed sprinkle is great on deviled eggs and other egg dishes, avocado toast, lobster rolls, poké bowls, seafoods, soups and salads and is a great way to add nutrient-rich seaweed to your diet. Contains sesame and finfish.

Ingredients: White sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, bonito flakes (dried tuna), kombu (seaweed), sugar, salt.