Skin-on Atlantic Pollock: Frozen

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About the Taste

If you haven't tried crispy salty fish skin you don't know what you're missing.  Sear this fish or grill it skin side down first for a real treat. This will be the very best skin-on whitefish available at the time of your order. 

The Source

This frozen fish will be a skin-on side of Atlantic Pollock sourced from True Fin (formerly Gulf of Maine Sashimi). True Fin trains Gulf of Maine fishermen how to handle their fish in the Japanese ikejime method, yielding absolutely incomparable quality.  Don't make the mistake of tossing the skin out - crispy fish skin is one of the world's must under appreciated delicacies!

Why you'll love it

This fish was filleted at True Fin and frozen soon after harvest.  They left the skin on and sized the fillets especially for the grill, so we know you'll love it.  Try it on a cast iron skillet on the grill.

Each vacuum sealed pouch will contain a skin-on pollock side weighing approximately one pound, and should serve two people.  We'll be shipping with dry ice so the sides should arrive frozen within the northeast but may at least partially defrost if you're further away. Be sure to store and thaw according to package instructions.