There’s a reason most people have never tasted scallops this amazing: it takes some serious work to get them to you so quickly. Each Sunday night I review the orders and the weather forecast with my fishermen to determine which ports to buy from on which days. That coordination allows my scallops to be in Fed Ex boxes on their way to you within 24 hours of harvest. But it also means you need to plan in advance. To be sure to get your scallops, you need to order by 10:00 am Sunday of the week you want to receive them. I can sometimes get you scallops with less notice, but I can’t guarantee it.

All packages are now shipped via Federal Express Priority Overnight.  While they generally guarantee delivery by 10:30 or noon, I’ve found this season it’s been later (usually by 4 pm) due to their increase in business.

I try to purchase scallops on Tuesday and ship on Wednesday, but because I work with small boats Mother Nature occasionally intervenes. If the conditions aren’t safe, the boats won’t go out. You cannot select a specific day for your package to arrive. It will usually arrive on Thursday or Friday, but may occasionally arrive on a Wednesday if we have a week of bad weather. It’s important to remember that all scallops are shipped within 24 hours of harvest and keep well in the fridge for a week after their harvest date. Remember that 95% of US sea scallops can be on the boat for more than a week, and who knows how long it takes them to get to you. If you want scallops for the weekend, order them to arrive that week. If you have a mid-week event and want my advice, feel free to send me an e-mail or call me and I’ll help figure out the best plan.

Other seafoods are also shipped fresh unless otherwise noted within the description.  All the seafood I ship is the very best available anywhere, so treat yourself by trying something new in addition to the very best scallops on the planet.