Togue Brawn with fresh Maine Dayboat ScallopsIf you haven’t bought my seafood before, you’re probably wondering how my seafood could possibly be SO different from anything else.  I mean, you’ve probably bought fancy, expensive seafood before, only to be disappointed. So why should you believe me when I tell you my seafood is different?

The basic answer is this: I don’t operate like any other seafood business.   I don’t have a warehouse full of seafood – my scallops stay on the ocean floor until you order them.  On Sunday night or Monday morning I review the upcoming week’s orders and coordinate with fishermen so I can have their scallops in bags, then Fed Ex boxes within hours of harvest. Now that I’m shipping other seafood I pick that seafood up on the same day as the scallops or at the earliest the day before.

In addition to my unusual operational method, it’s also important to note that Maine’s cold, pure waters produce the very best tasting seafood in the world (particularly shellfish).  So to sum it up, my seafood starts out tasting better and I make sure it reaches your hands just as delicious as it was when it left mine.

I didn’t set out to sell seafood: I set out to show the world just how amazing Maine scallops are.  My focus has never been on  making sales: it’s on showing people just how amazing pure, fresh scallops and other seafood can taste.  I’m not a seafood salesperson who’s interested in fisheries – I’m a fisheries manager who realized to get her point across, I needed to get fresh, pure seafood in the hands of more Americans. I want my fishermen to make a decent living and I want you to taste pure, delicious seafood the likes of which you can’t get anywhere else.

This type of operation requires a lot of extra work: it would be a lot easier to keep a warehouse full of seafood and operate in the traditional method of first in, first out.  That would be a lot more efficient and a lot easier.  But it wouldn’t yield the incredible quality of my method.

Why aren’t more people operating the way I do?  Well, first of all, it takes a lot of work and can be very stressful.  I can’t guarantee a shipment arrival day because I’m not sure if Mother Nature will prevent the guys from fishing on certain days.  And since I don’t want to end up with a lot of extra scallops left over after the shipment with no where to sell them, I sometimes come up a few pounds short.

But if you’ve tried these scallops (or the crabmeat, mussels, etc.), you get it: you know most Americans have never tried pure, fresh seafood because the traditional seafood distribution system can’t provide it.

Buy directly from fishermen if you can.  And if you can’t, buy from Downeast Dayboat, because doing that guarantees the very best seafood you’ll ever taste.