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Frozen Lobster Meat - Half Pound Pack

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About the Taste

While frozen meat will always have a slightly different texture, this stuff is the closest I've tasted to fresh.  If you're including in a cooked recipe you won't even perceive a difference.  

The Source

I am proud to be working with the folks at Community Shellfish Company in Bremen to bring you premium quality frozen Maine lobster meat.  Lobsters travel just a few steps from their boat to their shoreside cooking and packing facility. And take note: this meat includes tails.  Most seafood suppliers' lobster meat is just claw and knuckle. 

Why you'll love it

You'll see lobster meat advertised in many places, but you won't find quality like this including tail meat for less anywhere (at least nowhere I've seen). Please note this is a frozen product and will be shipped with dry ice if your entire order is frozen.  If you  purchase fresh product (like mussels) along with the frozen meat we won't be able to use dry ice so the lobster will at least partially defrost on the way to you.  I don't recommend re-freezing it so if it arrives partially thawed you should continue thawing according to package instructions and eat within 5 days of receipt.