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How are our scallops different?

These are NOT the scallops you're used to.

Most scallops in this country come from large boats that fish offshore for 6 days or more at a time. Those scallops soak up melt water from the ice they're stored in, adding weight and diluting flavor.

Our scallops come ashore within hours of harvest, not days. And they NEVER touch fresh water, so the unique flavors they develop in Maine's pure, clean waters shine through.

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Covered in

Caught by Maine fishermen, hand packaged and shipped from Portland, Maine

How Does it Work?

You order.

Place your online order by Sunday night for same-week delivery or choose a future delivery date.

Our fishermen catch.

On Sunday nights, we coordinate with fishermen to determine where and when your scallops will be caught.

We package/ship.

Within 24 hours of harvest your scallops are on their way to you.

You receive and enjoy!

Unbox your order and enjoy the best scallops you've ever tasted.

Caught for you.

Our warehouse is the ocean floor.

We don’t operate like any other seafood business. We don’t have a warehouse full of seafood – our scallops stay on the ocean floor until you order them. We travel the coast to collect scallops on harvest day, then package and ship them the next day.

Maine’s cold, pure waters produce the very best tasting scallops in the world.  And our process ensures they reach your hands just as delicious as they were when they were pulled from the sea.

Meet the Owner

Togue Brawn has been elevating Maine's scallop industry for years. It's in her blood to do so.

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What People are Saying...

"You've ruined all other scallops for me! I've bought, cooked, and eaten what I thought were the best scallops the ocean had to offer and then I tried yours."

— Ron S.

"Truly grateful that you and your fisher people are sharing this wonderful seafood. Friday was my husband’s birthday and we had your scallops. Wowza! They are fantastic, as always."

— Gayle C.

"Sweet and unbelievable fragrance. I just ran out of my frozen supply from you about 2 weeks ago… and the alternative just sucks… so be prepared for even bigger orders from you each week when the fresh season starts!"

— Kelley K.

"Togue, the scallops are so, so amazing!  You are right - the Gouldsboro Bay ones are just out of this world!  Thanks so much!  I will be ordering more."

— Linda K