Frequently Asked Questions 

How are the products shipped?

Scallops are shipped FRESH, sealed in Ziplock bags and shipped in Styrofoam containers with frozen gel packs (the frozen gel packs keep the scallops cold, but the scallops arrive fresh, not frozen). They’re shipped via Federal Express Priority Overnight for a flat rate no matter how big your order is.  I always encourage you to combine orders with friends and family (or coworkers) to split shipping costs and use less styrofoam.  Bear in mind shipping is now free for orders over $300 (northeast) or $350 (elsewhere).


Can I freeze what I don't eat?

Yes! Scallops freeze extremely well and freezing instructions are included with every package.


What happens if I cannot be home to accept the delivery?

All packages are shipped with “no signature required” although occasionally the driver will choose not to leave the package if you’re not available to receive it.  That decision is typically done at the driver’s discretion. You may include special delivery instructions, but I can’t guarantee that the courier will abide by them.


How does the delivery calendar work?

We ship once a week during Maine's state water scallop season (December through March). The calendar will show the dates for which you can pre-order scallops. We generally ship on Wednesday for a Thursday delivery, although storms and boat trouble occasionally means we have to move things around a bit.  If this happens we'll be in touch to let you know you should expect your package on a different day.


What do I do with the scallops when I receive them?

Your delivery will contain storage information. Basic recommendations: Put them in the coldest part of your fridge and eat within 7 days of the harvest date (the harvest date is written on each package). The colder they are, the longer they’ll stay fresh so I actually bury the bag in a bowl of ice. MAKE SURE THE BAG IS SEALED – you don’t want melting ice leaking into the bag. If you’re not going to use them within 7 days of harvest, I recommend freezing them.


How long can I store these scallops?

Bear in mind the “fresh” scallops you buy in grocery stores are often more than 12 days old. I prefer to eat my scallops within 7 days of the harvest date (the harvest date is printed on every bag). If I’m not going to eat them within a week, I freeze them. I eat scallops all year round and have enjoyed scallops that were stored in the freezer for over a year, although the FDA recommends scallops be frozen for no more than “3-6 months”. View Guidelines from


Is your other seafood shipped fresh or frozen?

The majority of the seafood we sell is shipped fresh.  If something is frozen that will be clearly stated in the product description.


Why can't I get scallops with the coral attached?

Maine scallop fishermen aren't allowed to bring whole scallops ashore: they must be shucked at sea and all parts other than the adductor muscle (the little white disc we think of as scallops) must be discarded. This is because the scallop viscera and roe can occasionally contain biotoxins from toxic algae. Maine sea farmers are able to sell whole scallops or roe-on scallops that have undergone a rigorous testing program, but demand far exceeds supply right now.  I expect to begin offering whole or roe-on scallops some time in 2022.