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"I want you to buy shellfish from someone you can trust."

Meet Togue Brawn

As the daughter of a commercial fisherman, I’ve worked in Maine’s commercial fishing and seafood industries for over 20 years. As a state fisheries manager for the Department of Marine Resources, I helped to bring Maine’s scallop fishery back from the brink. Passive management had led to overfishing and the commercial fishery was barely hanging on.

Scallops were almost completely gone

I care immensly about maintaining a thriving, sustainable fishery here in Maine. I spent a lot of time in wheelhouses and at kitchen tables working with fishermen to develop a plan. Because of the work we did, I am proud to say Maine’s scallop resource is recovering and our fishermen are now sustainably harvesting more than 10 times what they did a decade ago.

Enter Downeast Dayboat

At the same time I recognized another problem: Maine scallops weren’t being differentiated in the marketplace. Our cold, rich inshore waters produce the best-tasting scallops in the world, and our strict regulations and limits make sure they’re landed within hours of harvest. But our delicious premium scallops were being trucked to out-of-state processing centers to be mixed in with weeks-old, chemical-soaked commodity scallops from the Federal fishery.

So I left my job as a fisheries manager and started Downeast Dayboat. I was on a mission to show the world just how amazing Maine scallops are when they’re given the treatment they deserve: shipping them soon after harvest and NEVER letting them touch fresh water or chemicals.


Sustainability Bonus

Because sustainability and profitability are very closely linked, we offer a Sustainability Bonus. We pay our fishermen a higher price as long as they don’t violate any Marine Resource regulations designed to protect the scallop resource. This ensures the resource and fishery will keep on growing and producing the best-tasting scallops anywhere. I am immensely proud to be a part of this exciting industry and to have played a critical role in its sustainable growth.