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We are on a brief hiatus in fresh dayboat scallop availability. Order frozen dayboat scallops now; check back in May for fresh dayboat varietals.

Fresh Dayboat Scallops: NGOM Stellwagen Selects

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Maine Dayboat Scallops from the Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop fishery, shipped FRESH within 24 hours of harvest in one pound increments.  

Serving Size:

2-4 servings per pound, depending on how you serve them (it could even serve 8 as a raw scallop appetizer)

Togue's Tips:

If you haven't tried Downeast Dayboat scallops, you don't know what scallops are SUPPOSED to taste like. The first thing you'll notice about our scallops is the pure, sweet smell of the sea: scallops should never have a fishy smell.

When you pop these scallops in your mouth you'll experience a silky, buttery smooth texture that's hard to describe. 

These scallops come from the Stellwagen Bank area of the Northern Gulf of Maine (NGOM) Scallop Management Area.  Last year they were some of Togue's favorites - super sweet with a mild brine.  And though other companies may offer these scallops, we guarantee something very important: our scallops will NEVER touch fresh water. Believe me, you'll taste the difference.  

These are "boat run" which means they come right off the boat with only minimal sorting, so the size will vary, but we expect them to be large this year: plan on roughly 14 to a pound. Each package is labeled with the name of the fisherman who caught them, the name of his boat, the area they were harvested and the date of harvest. Fresh scallops are sealed  in oxygen-permeable cryovac bags for optimum quality.

Scallops are shipped FRESH within 24 hours of harvest (we're the only one who does this!) Please note: if you combine fresh and frozen items, we can't include dry ice as it will freeze the fresh items.  We recommend you purchase fresh and frozen items separately for optimum quality.

And remember: at checkout you'll select the Friday of shipping week, not the shipping day. We generally ship on Wednesday for Thursday delivery.

*Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska ship at a reduced price of $30

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Paul Kanin

The best products !!!!!!

Edward Cheng
great stuff

enjoyed most of it fresh and froze some for later!