Johns River Oysters - 1 Dozen

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About the Taste

Because these oysters grow so close to the open ocean, they have a nice briny flavor. Johns River Oysters have a unique flavor profile that's made them a favorite of connoisseurs across the country. (A quick Google search will show you just how many people love these oysters.) They've got a deep cup and firm, creamy flesh with an unusually clean finish. 

The Source

Johns River Oysters are grown by former lobsterman Dave Cheney in the Johns River in South Bristol, ME. close to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. 

Why you'll love them

These oysters are large with a deep cup and firm yet creamy flesh. Quite briny but with an unusually clean finish.  I love these oysters.  NOTE:  YOU NEED TO SELECT WHETHER YOU WANT LARGE OR JUMBO!

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Johns River Oysters - 1 Dozen