Triple Roll Meal Kit

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About the kit

Lobster rolls are only the beginning... you've simply GOT to try scallop rolls and crabmeat rolls.  This kit will let you or your gift recipient decide which one they love the most (mine is the scallop roll).

This kit comes with 8 ounces of fresh Maine scallops, 8 ounces of fresh Maine crabmeat, 8 ounces of flash-frozen lobster meat (claw, knuckle tail), a package of 6 New England split top buns, one tub of Kate's all natural sea salted butter, a small squeeze bottle (5.5 oz) of Hellman's mayonnaise, a glass jar of lemon pepper sea salt and 3 blueberry pie cookies.  I'll also include instructions for how to make the very best scallop, lobster and crabmeat rolls. 

This kit will make 6 generous rolls.  Plan on one roll per person for lunch portion or two for dinner.

Why you'll love this

The best seafood rolls keep things simple so the components brings out the very best in each other.  A simple roll toasted in top-quality butter, succulent seafood, a thick ribbon Hellman's mayo, a sprinkle of salt (lemon pepper in this case) and maybe a drizzle of melted butter. 

Interestingly, the super soft New England split top bun is the perfect vessel for seafood rolls: the soft buttery roll  develops a nice crispy crust when pan fried in butter. It provides a buttery, soft vehicle for delivering the seafood, and the mayo, melted butter and salt marry perfectly with the seafood.  I'll give you instructions for how to construct the rolls.  You can add a lettuce leaf to each of the rolls if you like, but there's no need to do so.

The blueberry cookies round everything out.  Is this a gift? Write a note in the notes section of your order and I'll happily include it as a hand-written message.

Please note the lobster meat will be shipped frozen and will at least partially thaw in transit.  

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