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We're Hitting the Road!...and a few other things.

We're Hitting the Road!...and a few other things.

Road Trip!

Togue and Waylon are setting out on a multi-day journey from Maine to Texas! We're super excited about an event with our friends at Bento Picnic on March 10th and 11th where saké expert Veronica Meewes of Saba San's will be pairing her hand-selected sakés with the scallops Togue will have shipped in just for this event. Photos forthcoming. 

If you'll be in the Austin area on March 10th or 11th, please join us for this very special event. And please pass this tip along to Austin area friends: this is a rare opportunity to enjoy the world's best scallops, some amazing saké and a chat with Togue (and maybe Waylon if he's allowed on the patio). Here's a link to the event details and registration. Hurry up as spaces are limited (March 10th is already sold out).

What a night!

A big thank you to those of you who participated in our recent virtual tasting. It was a fun night of friends, shellfish and saké. Monica Samuels of Vine Connections and Julie Qiu of In a Halfshell shared their wisdom and enthusiasm and we all had a blast. We hope to offer more events this summer and fall and hope to see you there.

One season closes, while another one opens

Sadly, the last shipment of fresh scallops from Maine state waters has gone out. But don't despair: the Northern Gulf of Maine scallop season opens on April 1! We expect to start taking orders by March 28th so you won't have to go long without your scallop fix :)

Note: we are not accepting orders right now. Ordering for NGOM scallops will open by March 28.

Thank you to everyone who shared advice on venues and restaurants to visit in Texas. This trip will be just the first of many: with a natural pause between seasons every March, Togue plans on making lots of trips to Texas and other places to show more folks around the country what scallops are SUPPOSED to taste like.

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