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Celebrating SCALLOP MONTH!


We can get you the world's best scallops on your menu or distributed to your partners. Please complete our form so that we can have a Downeast Dayboat team member reach out to you to discuss our products and whole opportunities. Thank you!

About Our Scallops

Heralded as the "Dom Perignon" of scallops, our delicious products have been featured by restaurant and home chefs for over a decade.

Maine’s dayboat fishermen produce a very small quantity of scallops whose flavors and textures vary with geography and within the season.

We are pleased to be able to offer our premium scallops to you with wholesale service and pricing.

What's Available for Purchase

Fresh dayboat scallop varietals - availability will change with the season.

December - March --> Several dayboat scallop varietals are available throughout Maine’s inshore season.

April 1 to early May --> the popular Stellwagen Bank varietal will be available.

May to November --> vacuum-sealed flash frozen scallops as well as occasional fresh shipments from Cape Cod dayboats.

What You Can Expect

Scallop size will vary between 15-20 per pound.

All scallops are boat run with minimal sorting to remove broken, discolored or unusually small scallops. 

Scallops are shipped within 24 hours of harvest, packaged in 4-pound or 1-pound oxygen-permeable cryovac bags to enhance quality. 

Shelf life if stored in ice: approximately 7 days.

Shipping & Delivery

Scallops are shipped on Wednesday from Bremen, Maine via Fed Ex Priority Overnight and are generally received by noon on Thursday.

Price per pound includes shipping.

Orders must be placed by noon on Tuesday. When weather prevents Tuesday harvest, scallops may be harvested on Monday (shipped Tuesday) or Wednesday (shipped Thursday).