FREE SHIPPING on orders of $220 or more in the continental U.S.

General Fees and Policies

Orders $220 and over = Free Nationwide Shipping

  • Orders in Northeast = $30, outside of Northeast = $40. Hawaii/Alaska = $90.

Fresh Seafood:

  • Orders placed Sunday before 6 PM EST will ship on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, arriving next day.  
  • Sometimes Mother Nature can interfere with the ship date: our fishermen work the icy, windy waters of a Maine winter and safety always comes first: if the weather is too rough to get out, they stay on shore.  If we need to change the ship date, we’ll e-mail you by Tuesday afternoon at the latest and will let you know our new schedule, which will usually be a Thursday shipment for a Friday delivery.  If the revised schedule doesn’t work, you’ll have an opportunity to reschedule or cancel your order. 
  • All shipments will include information on product handling and use-by dates.  We generally recommend consuming or freezing fresh scallops within one week of harvest date.

Frozen Seafood:

  • Orders placed Sunday before 6 PM EST will ship on Wednesday, arriving the next day.
  • We ship our frozen products with dry ice. If any dry ice remains when you receive your package, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Simply remove your products without touching the dry ice and then place the package with the remaining dry ice in a well-ventilated area to sublimate.
  • We recommend placing your product directly into the freezer upon arrival.
  • Sometimes packages do not arrive solidly frozen. As long as they are cold to the touch, slightly thawed sealed portions may be safely refrozen with minimal loss of quality. 

Fresh and Frozen Seafood:

  • We do not recommend combining fresh and frozen seafood within orders.  We cannot use dry ice with fresh seafood, so any frozen seafood within the package will defrost in transit.  If you do order both fresh and frozen seafood we will use extra gels in an attempt to limit thawing, but you should assume it will arrive at least partially frozen and plan on consuming or repackaging it immediately upon receipt.

Shipping Specifics:

  • We cannot ship to PO Boxes, FPO or APO addresses.
  • We do not require a signature for delivery, but the decision of whether or not to leave a package is always at the discretion of the delivery driver.  Occasionally the driver will decide not to leave a package for security reasons.  In these instances, they will leave a note with instructions for how to pick up your package.

Our Packaging & Shipping Materials

  • Cardboard Shipping Boxes: We ship our orders in corrugated cardboard boxes, which are widely recyclable by curbside and drop-off recycling programs.
  • Insulation: We try to ship with compostable clima-cell packaging when possible, but due to this material’s tendency to dissolve when exposed to any moisture, we can not use it as often as we’d like.  The majority of our shipments go out with EPS foam packaging (styrofoam).  We’re searching for a more environmentally-friendly option that actually works.  Keep your fingers crossed! .

Subscription Shipping 

  • Please see your subscription order email for information about subscription shipping.

Shipping Delays:

Unfortunately, once your package leaves our facility it is no longer under our control. We do our best to monitor shipments and alert you to any delays, but occasionally they happen without us noticing.  If your package does not arrive on the day you expect, please e-mail us at so we can do our best to resolve the problem. Fresh shipments are generally packed with enough gels to stay cold for 2 days. Rest assured if your seafood arrives in an unusable condition, you will be refunded.