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Bangs Island Mussels - 2 lb bag

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Please note: shipments containing mussels cannot contain dry ice, so if you order frozen seafood along with your live mussels, it will arrive at least partially thawed.

About the Taste

These mussels are raised in Casco Bay by Matt Morretti and are absolutely delicious.  Have you ordered mussels before and been disappointed by how tiny the meats were?  That's likely because they took too long to get to you, and in their long transit, they dried up and wasted away. These mussels are different.  They've been getting rave reviews and with good reason: they're plump, tender and delicious - phenomenal!  

The Source

You can get mussels from other sources, and you can even get Bangs Island mussels from other sources, but because mussels have a surprisingly long shelf life, they usually sit in a warehouse for many days before they're shipped.  I coordinate my shipments so I can ship quickly after harvest.  You will absolutely notice the difference. 

Why you'll love them

I had one customer tell me they'd been unable to eat mussels since returning from New Zealand, because US mussels just didn't compare.  She took a chance on these and thanked me for enabling her to finally eat mussels again. Another customer told me they were the best he'd ever had, and he'd lived in Belgium, a mussel-savvy culture.  I can eat a 2 pound bag myself on their own, but if you're putting them on pasta or anything else 2 pounds should feed 2 people.

How about a recipe?

That's my father's favorite recipe posted above. No title of course (he was a man of few words). He got it from his fishing/hunting buddy/great friend Gilbert Earle. The quantity should work for a 2 pound bag, unless you want more sauce to sop up with a nice baguette :). Since it's hard to read: Sauté 2 cloves crushed garlic in 1 tbs butter until soft, then add 3/4 cup of wine.  Boil until it's reduced by half.  Add pepper and one cup cream, cook until it's thick enough to coat a spoon.  Add cooked mussels, removed from shells.  Eat on pasta or with bread.

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