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We are on a brief hiatus in fresh dayboat scallop availability. Order frozen dayboat scallops now; check back in May for fresh dayboat varietals.

Frozen Dayboat Scallops by the 1/2 Pound

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Dayboat Scallops - frozen in 8 oz bags

Serving Size:

1-2 servings per pack depending on preparation method.

Togue's Tips:

These 1/2 lb (8 oz) frozen packs are the epitome of convenience: they defrost quickly so are the perfect answer to "I want something quick, easy and delicious.... what are my options?"

If you haven't tried Downeast Dayboat scallops, you don't know what scallops are SUPPOSED to taste like. The first thing you'll notice about our scallops is the pure, sweet smell of the sea with no fishy smell. When you pop them in your mouth you'll experience a silky, buttery mouth texture that's hard to describe. 

Our scallops' unique texture comes from where they're caught and how they're handled: unlike 95% of US sea scallops, our scallops NEVER touch fresh water.  That means you get 100% pure scallop rather than the waterlogged stuff you'll find elsewhere.

Your scallops came right off the boat with only minimal sorting, so the size will vary, but plan on getting roughly 8-9 per pack. 

Each pack is labeled with the name of the fisherman who caught them, the name of his boat, the area they were harvested and the date of harvest. 

Scallops are shipped frozen in vacuum sealed bags. Easy thawing and storage instructions are included.  

*Alaska and Hawaii  - additional shipping required