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Emily's Oysters, 2 dzn

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Two dozen deliciously sweet, briny, sustainably grown Maine oysters, in the shell.  

About the Taste

These delicious oysters are a labor of love. Emily Selinger grow her oysters in the waters off South Freeport, Maine. She describes them as having a "luxurious, soft texture and sweetness balanced by an even, clean brininess. subtle hints of flower, stone, and lemon".  

Why you'll love them

Emily is known for the tremendous amount of effort she puts into her oyster growing operation - she tends them regularly to keep them healthy and develop a nice full cup. They'll be clean, briny and delicious.  For more information, check out Emily's site. Be sure to have your shucking knives ready - these are amazing raw, but of course they also make great rockefeller, steamed, etc...

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