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Fresh line-caught swordfish

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Approximately 24 ounces (1.5 pounds) of fresh line caught swordfish caught in the waters off New England or occasionally the Canadian Maritimes.

NOTE: DO NOT ORDER FOR DELIVERY ON JULY 30: that delivery date is for in person pickups in NYC only.

Serving size:

Plan on 6-8 ounces per person.  One pack will serve 3-4 hungry people.

Togue's Tips:

Swordfish is a favorite seafood item for a reason: it's sweet, meaty and mild. It gets its rich flavor from eating a fatty diet of mackerel, herring and other tasty little fishies. It's easy to cook, a natural for the grill, and loved by many. 

Each package will contain 1.25 to 1.75 pounds of swordfish, usually in one steak but occasionally in two steaks.  It is important to keep swordfish and tuna cold at all times, so please be sure to put it in the fridge promptly after opening your box.

Our swordfish is sourced from Portland, Maine based Upstream Trucking, who supplies the best restaurants in Maine.  

Please note: you should NOT mix fresh and frozen seafood in the same order. We use dry ice with frozen seafood, which will freeze the fresh, and if we omit the dry ice the frozen seafood will defrost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian S.
A great treat!

Swordfish steaks were out of this world.
We will be BACK!


The swordfish cooked up beautifully on the grill. We loved it and would definitely buy again.

Chris G

The best that I have tasted.

Louie Domonte

The quality was OUTSTANDING! The care and communication regarding shipping for perishable items was fantastic. Great product! Outstanding care of product. The fish smelled like the ocean when in wrapped. Outside of sitting by the dock and bringing the catch home, a better experience I find hard to imagine.

Vincent Conticello
Great fish

I love swordfish but it has been 5 years or so since I last bought it since it is hard to source high quality fish locally in Atlanta. This is the real deal. Fresh, meaty, and really lovely. Cooks up quite well with minimal intervention. Taste is superb.