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Fresh Maine Lobster Meat, 1 lb.

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One pound of FRESH Maine lobster meat, claw and knuckle.

Togue’s Tips

We are THRILLED to be offering fresh Maine lobster meat thanks to Altantic Seafood Partners based in Portland, Maine.  This is the best lobster meat you will find anywhere.  What makes it so special, you ask?  The answer is this: consistent delicious taste and texture.  You might think cooking lobsters is simple: just throw them in a pot and boil them.  But the fact that lobsters come in different sizes and have different shell hardnesses means they cook at various rates.  It can be difficult to produce lobster meat that's consistently the same texture: you want it toothsome but tender, and that's a hard thing to nail every time.  But Atlantic Seafood Partners is as concerned about their lobster meat quality as Togue is about her scallop quality, and that's saying something...

Lobster meat is shipped fresh in an oxygen permeable bag and should be consumed or frozen within 5 days of receipt.  

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