Fresh Maine Crabmeat - 8 ounces fully cooked ready to eat

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About the Taste

Back for a limited time, in limited quantity.  Get it while you can, but ONLY for the May 19 shipment!

This is my favorite seafood. 

It's super mild, tender and sweet.  If you're used to strong-flavored crabmeat, this will be a revelation. In fact the flavor is so delicate and pure, I recommend a simple preparation (like straight out of the tub). I usually eat it with just a little mayonnaise and maybe a splash of lemon juice and a dash of celery salt. Or drizzled with butter and lemon. An open faced crabmeat sandwich is one of my favorite breakfasts. No matter what you do with it, you should try at least one bite straight out of the tub. It's pure ocean deliciousness.

The Source

Eight ounce tub of premium fully cooked hand-picked Maine crabmeat, picked by Port Clyde Fresh Catch in Port Clyde Maine, the easternmost groundfishing port in the US. Lobster may be Maine's best-known seafood product, but I'll take crabmeat over lobster every time (except maybe when it comes to lobster scrambled eggs - lobster wins that battle).  The only drawback is how long it takes to pick the meat, but fortunately you don't have to worry about that:  I'm offering hand-picked crabmeat in 8 oz containers.  

Rock crab and Jonah crab are a "bycatch" product of the lobster fishery - they're caught in traps along with the lobster.  This crabmeat is hand picked, and since hand picking crabmeat is laborious and difficult, your tub may contain a few stray bits of shell so be sure to look it over before you chow down.

Why you'll love it

This crabmeat is often picked the morning of shipment (if not it'll be the afternoon before shipment). You can't get fresher crabmeat anywhere.  

Do you like lobster rolls?  Try a crab roll (while you're at it you should also try a pan-seared scallop roll).  Crabmeat is delicious when fresh and I've enjoyed it frozen many times but unlike with scallops the quality definitely suffers.  This  delicious fresh crabmeat should be great for 2-3 days after you receive it as long as you keep it very cold.  Please note, this delicate crabmeat is picked and then shipped within 48 hours.  You can't get that guarantee anywhere else.

How to Store

Crabmeat is the most perishable of all the items I ship. Please plan to consume within 3 days of receipt, preferably 2.  And I don't recommend freezing it.  While many people do that, I don't like the change in texture and flavor.    And of course, there will be storage instructions in every shipment.

Please note:  There are sometimes issues with crabmeat supply.  If I'm not able to get crabmeat, I will be in touch to see what, if anything you would like to substitute.  If you'd prefer not to substitute I'll issue a refund and an apology.

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