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We are on a brief hiatus in fresh dayboat scallop availability. Order frozen dayboat scallops now; check back in May for fresh dayboat varietals.

Fresh Maine Dayboat Scallops Sample for Chefs

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We can give you plenty of testimonials from chefs who've been wowed by our scallops, but tasting is believing.

This sample pack includes one pound of Maine Dayboat Scallops shipped fresh within 24 hours of harvest. We pack our scallops in oxygen permeable cryovac bags to optimize shelf life and quality. Price includes shipping, and total cost will be deducted from your first official order.

You may have thought the only way to get truly premium US sea scallops was to order them whole and shuck them yourself.  Let us show you how wrong that is: Maine produces less than 2% of US sea scallops, and we do it VERY differently.  Our boats have to stay within 3 miles of shore and can bring in only 90 to 135 pounds per trip depending on where they fish.  That means they come ashore within hours, not the 6-10 days of the trip boats that produce 95% of US sea scallops.  

We meet the fishermen at the dock, pack their scallops and get them on their way to you via UPS Next Day Air within 24 hours of harvest.

Unlike scallops from the much larger trip boat fishery, the only liquid our scallops ever touch is the cold, pure water off Maine's shore.

As a thank you for sampling our Maine Dayboat Scallops, we will deduct the cost of your sample pound ($45) from your first order.  So put us to the test, and give us a call to order more once we've knocked your socks off.

Interested in something other than a sample order?

For subsequent purchases, cost will vary between $40 and $45 per pound, shipping inclusive depending on location (further afield has higher cost and minimum purchase). 10 lb minimum order on subsequent purchases.

Are you interested in a specific size?  At this point we do not offer size categories, and we encourage you to focus on flavor rather than size.  That said, for all chef orders we remove any particularly small scallops.  Your scallops will be a solid 15-18 count.