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Fresh Halibut (skin on), 2 lb

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Maine is the only east coast state with an inshore halibut fishery and it lasts less than one month.  From mid May to mid June we bring in the most divine whitefish you'll ever taste: thick, meaty, rich, creamy delicious halibut.

Maine fishermen set and tend their lines when they're out lobster fishing and each fisherman can take only 25 halibut in total, which is why it's so very hard to come by.  

Maine halibut is the king of groundfish and it's a real treat: it's got a large flake and a dense, super sweet flesh.  Since we're offering it skin-on this year, we recommend you try it on the grill, or sear it on a sizzling cast-iron pan and finish in the oven.  Crispy halibut skin is a treat you won't want to miss.

Each package will contain a skin-on halibut fillet weighing approximately two pounds: no smaller than 1.7 pounds, no larger than 2.3 pounds.  Invite some friends over for a fabulous, impressive feast, or cut into portions and freeze some for later.

We expect to offer fresh halibut fillets the weeks of May 24, May 31, June 7 and June 14, but are only opening up orders one week in advance - so if halibut shows "Sold Out" check back on Thursday as we'll open up the following week's shipment. 

NOTE: halibut is shipped FRESH, and we do not recommend mixing fresh and frozen items in your order. Consider adding fresh crabmeat - crab bechamel makes a decadent topping for halibut!


Customer Reviews

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Vincent Conticello
Best looking fish that I have seen

I love halibut, but one hardly ever encounters halibut of this quality that is fresh. While I froze most of my order, I prepared about a pound for dinner that my wife and I split. The preparation was simple-dressed with a sauce of butter, garlic, smoked paprika, salt, and pepper. I baked in the oven at 425. I followed a recipe that suggested doing so for about 10 minutes, but it needed a bit longer. When it was nearly done, I turned on the broiler for about 2 minutes. It was halibut perfection. I bought more the next week.

One of the best, freshest fish I ever had.

I like Cod and Hake and other white fish but last year we got some halibut and some cod and hake as well. There was no comparison. Simply none. The Halibut was wonderful. The skin if done right is just crispy and fatty and oh so good!!

Thanks so much for this review. I love the skin too!