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About the Taste

This is what some of our customers have to say:

"unreal delicious"

"best scallops I have ever had"

"Wowza! They are fantastic, as always"

The first thing you'll notice about our scallops is the pure, sweet smell of the sea. Scallops should NOT smell fishy. 

When you pop these scallops in your mouth you'll experience a silky, buttery mouth texture that's hard to describe.  The texture, depth of flavor and brine level will vary by location (yes, scallops have different tastes and textures just like oysters do), but ALL Maine scallops are delicious. 

Try these scallops quickly pan seared in butter to experience what you've been missing: they're rich and creamy and to be honest, they're difficult to describe because they're unlike any other seafood.

Our cold, clear waters produce some amazing flavor varietals and I hope you'll have fun picking your favorite.

The Source

Downeast Dayboat scallops are amazing for two reasons: one is that they come from Maine's cold, clear inshore waters or the waters of the Northern Gulf of Maine management area.  The second reason is how they're handled. They never touch fresh water and they're shipped to you quickly, always within 48 hours of harvest (usually within 24). These are "boat run" which means they come right off the boat with only minimal sorting, so the size will vary.  Plan on getting roughly 20 to a pound.  Each pound is packaged individually and labeled with the name of the fisherman who caught them, the name of his boat, the area they were harvested and the date of harvest.  Accept nothing less. Scallops are shipped FRESH in either freezable pint containers or one quart freezer bags (1 lb) or a half gallon container (4 lb) so order extra and freeze what you don't use. 

Each container is labeled with the name of the captain, the name of his boat and the varietal (the area they were harvested).  Please note right now we're shipping scallops from the Northern Gulf of Maine management area, which will likely all come from Stellgagen Bank.  The area has been closed the past two seasons but back in 2019 they were absolutely delicious.

Please note: we cannot break the four pounders into smaller bags.  If you would like one pound increments you will need to order one pound bags.  That has the additional benefit of yielding multiple varietals (usually at least 2 varietals per shipment).

Why you'll love them

If you haven't tried Downeast Dayboat scallops, you don't know what scallops are SUPPOSED to taste like.

Other scallops, even those labeled "dry", have unnaturally high water content because they're stored in freshwater ice.  Downeast Dayboat scallops NEVER touch fresh water or ice. That means the taste is never diluted and the texture will be silky, buttery and absolutely unlike anything you've experienced.

One pound of scallops will serve 2-4, depending on how you use them.  If you're serving a simple recipe like crunchy honey buttered scallops, you'll want to serve around half a pound per person.  For scallop rolls, you'll want about a quarter pound per roll. For pasta dishes, you'll want to plan on about a third of a pound per person.

These scallops freeze very well and shipping charges are the same whether you order 1 pound or 20 pounds, so we encourage folks to submit a group order with friends and office mates to save $.

And here's my favorite testimonial: "I've bought, cooked, and eaten what I thought were the best scallops the ocean had to offer and then I tried yours. The texture and flavor is absolutely better than any I've ever had, anywhere. You've ruined all other scallops for me. I can say this with certainty I will never buy scallops anywhere other than from you. Yours are absolutely the best I have ever had.  They need nothing more than a sear, they're just that delicious.  They are now one of my greatest pleasures in life and I thank you for offering them."


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