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Frozen Maine Scallop Varietal Sampler Pack

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Makes a perfect gift: be a scallop sommelier for your food-savvy friends!


Three 8 oz bags of blast frozen Maine Dayboat Scallops: one each of three different varietals, plus Fiore Artisan Olive Oil, Slacktide Maine Flake Sea Salt and scallop shells for a fun tasting experience. These businesses are also woman-owned by the way :)

Togue's Tips:

Be a scallop sommelier!

Did you know scallops have different tastes and textures, just like oysters do? You've heard of "terroir" in wine.  In seafood these place-based differences are referred to as "merroir." Think about it: filter feeders take everything they will ever be from the waters around them, so it would make sense that they'd develop place-based flavors. Maine's cold, clear waters and strong tides produce the world's best scallop varietals, so why not explore them? 

This collection will contain three 8 oz packages of scallops, each from a different area. The texture, depth of flavor and brine level will vary by location: we hope you and your friends will enjoy picking a favorite.  All scallops were harvested in the 2023/2024 Maine inshore season.

More info on why these scallops are so delicious:

Downeast Dayboat scallops are amazing for two reasons: one is that they come from Maine's cold, clear inshore waters.  The second reason is how they're handled. They never touch fresh water and they're shipped to you within 24 hours. 

These scallops are boat-run, which means the size will vary according to fishing location.  They generally run 15 to 20 to a pound though.

Each varietals container will be labeled with the harvest location in addition to the name of the fisherman, the name of his boat and the harvest date.  

This variety pack makes a great gift - it's a wonderful way to introduce your friends and family to what they've been missing all these years.  THIS is what scallops should taste like.  

Customer Reviews

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Atlanta Home Cook

First, we are far from Maine, but the time we vacationed there was great. That plus the description of your method of harvesting scallops was so intriguing, I decided to put aside my fear of cooking seafood and try it. I have to admit that I felt doubly nervous given the price tag but tried it any way. I have to say that they were the best scallops I have ever had. So sweet, without the rubbery . I could not taste the difference between where they were harvested, but that is probably my issue. Two thoughts - when they arrived they were starting to thaw so I put them in the fridge with an ice pack as directed, but I felt pressure to use them quickly fearing that they would go bad. Due to a family illness, I had to wait until Sunday evening to cook them (they arrived on Thursday). They were fine. So plan carefully if they are being shipped such a distance that they may not arrive completely frozen. Also, the sampler packet is a lot, luckily my husband and son have good appetites and we were able to finish them in one meal.

Thomas McDonald
the best scallops

I think the only way to get tastier scallops is to be on the boat and eat them right out of the water.

Speedy delivery , as pedicted.