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Slacktide Sea Salt

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Like Maine Sea Salt Company, Slack Tide Sea Salt is also solar evaporated, but it's from the opposite end of the coast (southern Maine, instead of Downeast Maine) and it's a much smaller company.  The salt is also processed beyond the original solar evaporation - it's heated at a precise temperature to create flakes, which are deliciously crunchy.

The original salt adds a salty crunch to whatever you use it on.  The blueberry is a collaboration with Blue Barren Distillery and has a very mild blueberry flavor, but it's not the flavor you'll use it for: it's the beautiful color.  Remember: we eat with our eyes, too.  Slice some rosy scallops thinly, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with a bit of this blueberry salt for a delicious, gorgeous appetizer.

Each small glass jar contains 1.8 ounces of very small-batch flake sea salt created by aunt and niece team Cathy and Lauren and their friend Sarah in York, Maine.  Please select original (unflavored) or blueberry.