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Frozen Flaky White Fish: Pollock

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Two six ounce fillets of delicious Atlantic pollock, vacuum sealed and blast frozen.

Serving size:

Plan on 6 ounces per person.

Togue's Tips:

We should all be eating more pollock! A member of the cod family, when raw it has a slightly darker appearance than its brethren, but it whitens when cooked.  The thick, very mild flaky fillets are great broiled, fried, pan-fried or used in any other recipe calling for flaky white fish like cod or haddock.  Try it with a spicy sauce!

This delicious fish is sourced from True Fin in Portland, Maine, who sources exclusively from Gulf of Maine boats trained in special handling techniques to provide top-quality fish.  All packages will be labeled with the name of the fisherman who caught it and the name of his vessel.  

The one pound package may contain one or two fillets; the 12 ounce package will contain 2 six ounce fillets.

Note: this product is frozen.  If you order only frozen seafood, your package will be shipped with dry ice.   For optimum quality we recommend you purchase only frozen or only fresh and/or live seafood: if you mix fresh and frozen seafood, your frozen seafood may arrive partially defrosted.

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