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Mussels with Sundried Tomato + Olive Pesto

Mussels with Sundried Tomato + Olive Pesto


2 pounds of Bangs Island Mussels

7 oz  Sundried Tomato and Olive Pesto (from Maine-based Terra Cotta Pasta Co)

A glug of liquid (wine, beer, olive oil, ghee or butter or water)

  1. Place mussels and sundried tomato and olive pesto in a heavy-bottomed pan along with one or more of the following liquids: a splash of beer or white wine; a tablespoon of olive oil; a pat or two of butter or ghee. 
  2. Cover pan and heat to medium-medium high.
  3. Cook a minute or two past the point where the mussels open.  This will vary depending on the heat and the pan but it should be anywhere between 5-10 minutes.
  4. Pour mussels into serving dish and dig in. You can use the empty mussel shells to scoop the meats out, and don't forget the mussel "scallop", which is the tiny round muscle on the shells.
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