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Are you looking for fresh scallops?  Go to Farm Raised Scallops – they’re the only option for fresh Maine scallops right now. But don’t leave let… keep reading, because frozen scallops can be amazing if they come from the right boats and are handled properly…

Have you had trouble getting a perfect restaurant-quality sear on your scallops?  That’s probably because you’re not using truly dry scallops.

95% of US sea scallops come from boats that stay at sea for a week or more at a time.  Their scallops are stored on ice, which melts and is absorbed by them over the course of the trip. so even if you’re lucky enough to get scallops “fresh off the boat”, unadulterated by dealers, they’re still waterlogged.

Downeast Dayboat scallops are, quite simply, the best scallops on the planet.  Brought to shore within hours of harvest and on their way to you within 24 hours.  They NEVER touch fresh water and I guarantee you’ll taste the difference.  Mainers stock up on scallops in the spring and eat frozen scallops until the season reopens in December.  Trust us: Maine or Northern Gulf of Maine scallops frozen quickly after harvest are WAY better than “fresh” stuff from other sources.

Each one-pound package will be labeled with the name of the fisherman who caught them, the name of his boat, the harvest area and the harvest date.  Roughly 20 per pound.  Please note they will defrost at least partially in transit.

Please note: the reviews below came from customers purchasing scallops during Maine’s scallop fishery.


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If you haven’t tasted Downeast Dayboat scallops, you don’t know what scallops are supposed to taste like.  Seriously.  From December through May I ship fresh scallops weekly. The rest of the year I ship occasionally, like I’m doing in September this year. I have customers who tell me they can’t eat scallops that come from anyone else.  Once you try my scallops, you’ll understand. If you want to know why they’re so special, check out this page. I only sell the best.  I froze 200 pounds of scallops from the tail end of the Northern Gulf of Maine season so I could offer them as a special treat, because June through November is a LONG time to go without delicious scallops.

These were caught by small boat Maine fishermen plying the waters of the Northern Gulf of Maine and are  the purest, most delicious scallops you can get.  From the time the Northern Gulf of Maine quota is reached until the opening of Maine’s state season there are two ways to get the world’s best scallops: buy fresh farm raised scallops (which you can also do here), or buy frozen scallops.

These scallops were caught on Platt’s Bank or Jeffreys Ledge.  Both varietals are super mild and tasty.  Each one-pound package will be labeled with the name of the fisherman that caught them, the name of his boat and the harvest area. There will be roughly 20 scallops per one pound bag.

Scallops were vacuum sealed and frozen within 24 hours of harvest. They’ll defrost slightly in shipment but you can stick them in the freezer if you like to tide you over until Maine’s season reopens in December 🙂

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32 reviews for Frozen Northern Gulf of Maine Scallops

  1. Geoff Perham (verified owner)

    Pan seared a pound last night for mothers day and they were amazing, served with mushroom risotto and broccolini. These scallops have an incredible texture and a clean, delicious flavor. Togue is an amazing communicator and we were more than pleased. Will def order again but will order more next time!

  2. Jennifer McDermott (verified owner)

    We’ve been converts since we discovered Togue doling out these amazing free samples at the New Amsterdam Market in Lower Manhattan, back when she was just getting her business off the ground, and can confirm that the scallops are extraordinary. We eat them straight out of the box like candy… which is not, pre-Togue, how I ever imagined eating shellfish… and have had some fascinating taste-test experiences with scallops from different boats/areas – they really do vary a lot. No matter how we cook them (or what cove they come from), they are incredible; prepared simply, as sashimi, it’s like eating silk. Believe Togue when she says that if you think you’ve had good scallops, try these.

  3. David Coffin

    Bought two pounds – made one and froze one. First was fantastic pan seared. Second was also fantastic – this time grilled on a Himalayan salt block. Couldn’t tell it was ever frozen. Absolutely amazing.

  4. Barbara and Janine (verified owner)

    What a bright spot during this pandemic. Our household currently lives in VT, but we all grew up on the shores of CT and MA and frequently visited Maine. There is nothing like fresh seafood! Short of visiting the fishing docks yourself, there are no better scallops out there. Thanks for the special dinner we had; a night to remember for sure! We are spreading the word and will order again shortly!

  5. Jenifer Marom

    Absolutely fresh and delicious. The entire experience was a real treat. It is unreal to be in landlocked Colorado and have the freshest, most wonderful scallops ever.

  6. Ethan

    I live on the coast of Virginia and have access to good “dry” scallops. But they don’t compare to real day boat scallops. Haven’t gotten any in a while, but looking forward to getting some in 2021.

  7. Christine Harrington (verified owner)

    I spent a lot of time researching why store-bought scallops had a weird aftertaste. I learned about how they are treated to stay “fresh” longer, but that “dry” scallops had a better flavor. That’s when I stumbled upon Downeast Dayboat. Togue wasn’t puffing when she said how good the scallops would be. I followed her instructions, and am thrilled beyond belief at the tastiness. I also love that I’m supporting small businesses. They were sooo worth the price. Thank you, Togue, for introducing me to how wonderful scallops can be. Now I don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant to get a quality scallop.

  8. Mark Unger (verified owner)

    I have been buying scallops from Togue for 7 years – they are always amazing – fresh, delicious and ready to eat right out of the bag. My son and I get out the soy sauce and wasabi and make a superb sashimi meal as soon as the package arrives at our door. I have recommended them to many friends and family who have all loved the scallop quality.
    Togue is a wonderful business owner who cares deeply about delivering quality products and I happy to support her as she has grown her business and expanded her offerings. Try the pie cookies – they are ridiculously good!

  9. Rich Ostroff

    My wife was reluctant to eat the scallops when I first brought them home over a year ago. She was unaware of the full story of Togue and the company. One bite and that reluctant was over. Since then she always brags to our friends about the amazing scallops that come down from Maine so fresh that you can eat them right out of the bag! These scallops are the best!!

  10. Sue Higgen (verified owner)

    These truly are the best scallops on the planet. So sweet and clean tasting. I will definitely be a repeat customer and look forward to next season. Worth every penny I paid for them. If you’ve never tried them you don’t know what you’re missing.

  11. Peter Henry (verified owner)

    We bought 2 pounds, they arrived within 24 hrs from the ocean, identified to the cove they came from (I like that!).
    We immediately ate 1/2 pound that night (two of us) – simply seared with salt, pepper and a scant tad of butter – a lovely sear! Froze the other 1 1/2 lbs because we wanted to make a special meal for friends on New Years Eve. It was perfect, they raved about the scallops! Best ever and local to us, we’re in MA, love to support small businesses!

  12. Richard Mamelok (verified owner)

    These scallops are fabulous! I have them shipped to me in California and they arrive fresh and delicious. I eat some right away and vacuum pack and freeze the rest. They keep very well that way Best scallops I’ve ever had, including some served at Michelin 3 star sea food restaurant, Le Bernadin. I served some to a friend who had said she had given up on finding good scallops but thought these were so good I included some for her in my order. In my opinion they are best simply sauteed in butter. They are so sweet I don’t want to adulterate them with other flavors. I have ordered these for a number of years now and I’ve never been disappointed.

  13. Scott Herritz (verified owner)

    Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve had scallops this good. A perfect balance of ocean and buttery amazingness without adding anything. I hesitated to tell my wife that they arrived, because I’ll have to share them. Great communication from the Dayboat team as to when the scallops would ship. They arrived via FEDEX overnight, packed very thoughtfully in ice packs with an extra treat thrown in. I will not hesitate to order again. Thanks for sustainably harvesting our seafood for us!


    WOW. Just cooked up the frozen scallops you sent to me last week. WOW. They were the tastiest, sweetest, freshest scallops I have ever had. My wife, who wasn’t crazy about scallops, devoured hers and is now a scallop lover. WOW. I will never buy store purchased scallops again. I’m just sorry I didn’t buy more. Awesome product. The shipping frozen experiment is a success. Thank you.

  15. Christian Rakshys (verified owner)

    Nothing less than awesome
    The Service the product, the experience.
    I look forward to every season and would love to start a buying club on Long Island!

  16. Rich Ostroff

    The first time I brought a pound of these amazing scallops home my wife, who is typically a sceptical person, refused to try them because they didn’t come from “the store”. The second time I brought them home she tried one and the rest is history. We love to brag to our friends that we have the BEST scallops ever and that they come from proud family owned small businesses. I usually just pan sear them in a cast iron skillet with a little kosher salt and pepper. Plain and simple. I throw it over some lemon pepper pasta. End of story!

  17. Nancy Mc (verified owner)

    These scallops are amazing! I’ve prepared them in various ways, but our favorite is with a lemon/wine butter sauce which allows the flavor of the scallops to shine. We served it with a saffron risotto and sauteed spinach. Delicious! Also, these are the only scallops that have seared perfectly and haven’t left the house smelling of scallops for days. Even when cooking the dry scallops that our fishmonger sells I haven’t been able to get such a beautiful sear. And the freshness of the dayboat scallops is incomparable. Our last shipment was in our refrigerator and freezer in rural NY less than 24 hours after they were harvested from Casco Bay. At $29/lb. they are still a bargain compared to what you have to spend for a restaurant meal and the quality is so far superior. We are also repeat customers and plan to order again next season.

  18. Gaye (verified owner)

    Like other reviewers, I am a repeat customer as my husband and I can no longer buy scallops anywhere else, including restaurants! Togue’s scallops are that good! We stocked up last spring, as the scallops freeze beautifully, but ran out a couple months ago so we anxiously awaited our first shipment of this season, which arrived last night. We thoroughly enjoyed every last bite! My husband is an oyster lover so we ordered a dozen as an add-on (new this year), and he wished we had ordered at least 2 dozen! If you like scallops, you’ve got to try these as they are in a different league than what you’ve eaten in the past. And if you think you don’t like scallops, Togue’s scallops will change your mind!

  19. Kat Kenney

    Well, all the review are right on! I placed my order later than expected so I got 5 pounds knowing I wouldn’t be able to get them until next October. The presentation in just the shipping alone was impressive; a beautiful scallop shell (now on display in my kitchen) and a few maple treats from Maine, and the insulated container was very clean and cold with ice packs. The scallops themselves were so fresh, no fishy smell at all. Best of all, they are all ready in freezer bags, so off they went, four pounds, into the freezer. I have cooked one fresh and one frozen pound, couldn’t even tell the difference and I am sorry I didn’t buy more. I shall conserve the rest to last as long as possible. Worth every cent, if you are on the fence, jump off and buy them!

  20. Mark

    Togue told me when I picked up my scallop order in NYC that I should try one raw. It was the best scallop I have ever tasted – way better even than high end sushi restaurants. Needless to say, I had 3 more right away and I could see eating the whole bag (but I had to save some for the dish i was cooking). Tremendous!

  21. Kathy Weddle (verified owner)

    These are, without a doubt, the most flavorful and freshest scallops we have tasted. The scallops were large and tasty and we only used salt, pepper, olive oil and butter and then pan seared the scallops. Yum! This was our second time ordering and the process was easy. This is a great way to get a taste of Maine wherever you live!

  22. Ed Rogers (verified owner)

    A repeat customer. Once you have had these scallops, you can never be happy with any other scallops. As for scallops from a grocery store, forget it. We love the fact that these scallops are from small family owned businesses. Our hats off to Togue and the business she has set up in Maine.

  23. Beth (verified owner)

    Huge, gorgeous scallops arrived as promised and packed perfectly to keep them cool. No fishy smell from them so you know they are super fresh. Our family of 4 shared a pound and it was a perfect amount along with other side dishes. We are really fussy about our fish being from MA. I love that these scallops are from small fishing boats that use sustainable fishing practices and we enjoyed seeing the fishermen’s name and boat name on the package. No bad additives or chemicals – excellent, clean food. Fun that they ship a scallop shell with the order – I’m using it as an earring tray!

  24. cathy d (verified owner)

    Once you try these scallops, you will never enjoy the ones from your grocery or fish store again! Even fish markets do not always have dry scallops or those as fresh. I have orders scallops from Downeast dayboat a few times now and they are wonderful, large, sweet scallops. Shipping is right on time unless there is a problem..and if there is, Togue tracks you down and takes care of it! Try them, well worth treating yourself!

  25. Nancy Kathryn Smith

    These scallops provided the BEST fish dinner I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy…including lobster! They rank in the top three dishes I have EVER eaten even in Paris! The packaging that brought these delights to my front door was remarkable. My thanks to the Downeast enterprise and especially to my fishermen, Captained by Walt Jessiman of the Dream Catcher vessel! A tip of the hat to all who worked to extend this treat. Sincerely, Nancy

  26. Milt and Alicia Calder (verified owner)

    We ordered before the season started, we received our order as PROMISED just after the season opened. Cobscook Bay and Casco Bay scallops. Being from Chebeague Island its hard not to immediately “pop” the scallops directly into my mouth as soon as the order is opened. These are absolutely the best scallops you can ever get anywhere .

  27. Jean Foraker (verified owner)

    Our first order arrived perfect. Can’t get good scallops in Ohio. These were succulent & sweet. Great pan seared!

  28. Ed and Mary Rogers (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best scallops Mary and I have ever had. We may be in Colorado but Downeast Dayboat and this wonderful small business has made us feel like we are on the coast of Maine. Will never eat any store bought scallops again. Togue and her group are wonderful to do business with. We will be placing future orders.

  29. Lisa

    Hands down the best scallops I have ever had. Unless a restaurant is serving Downeast Dayboat scallops, I will never eat scallops in a restaurant again.

  30. Jeff

    Absolutely the finest scallops you will ever taste.

  31. kfgates

    soooooooo good!! worth the money.

  32. Dave Brower

    Any scallop lover out there will appreciate the incredible freshness and unbelievable flavor and quality of the Downeast Dayboat products. Togue and her team are great to deal with, and very friendly and accommodating. I wholeheartedly recommend!

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